Don’t Take Band-Aid Approach to Your Health and Wellness


the bandaid approach


Today, we will talk about not taking the band-aid approach. What do you think the band-aid approach means? It is a quick way to fix or cover up a problem and not actually try to fix the problem.

Let’s first talk about your health. 


Let’s say that you put on some extra weight. Are you just gonna go buy a whole new wardrobe and just get bigger sizes? Is that fixing the problem? No. You’re just sticking a band-aid on it and not getting to the root of the problem. When you find yourself in a situation that you don’t feel the healthiest in, put some weight on it. What are you going to do? Are you going to reach for a soda to perk yourself up? Or run through a drive-through and get a double shot of espresso? We need to find out why you have that low energy and work towards fixing it, rather than bandaging it.

What will be helpful to you in this situation is an exercise routine. 


You have to start eating healthier. Eating healthy is a choice we all have. I’m not saying to give some of your favorite and potentially less healthy foods up, but think about what you are eating. Try to put yourself in a position where you can prepare different options and have those options available to you: do the meal prepping, figure out an exercise routine that works for you, and don’t put the band-aid on it. 

We all have struggles and that’s why you have to find somebody to hold you accountable. It can be a trainer or anyone else. Diets really don’t work as a quick fix; you might see some weight loss, but it often takes a serious commitment for adequate results. Find a happy medium between your favorite foods and healthier foods. Don’t put a band-aid over your health, you’ve got to fix your eating habits. Some people come to the pharmacy and say, “Amy, I’ve got this big problem, I need your help to patch it up.” They’re looking for this enormous band-aid that will provide a fast and easy fix. However, a bigger band-aid is not gonna fix the problem, it just means it’s a bigger problem.

Another thing we will talk about is your skin


When I say your skin, I’m not just talking about your face, I’m talking about all of the other areas as well. Areas that might have some sort of weird reaction or breakouts that just aren’t getting any better. What are you going to do about them? Are you going to find makeup that’s going to cover those areas? No, because you know what happens when you try to cover them. You’re not fixing the problem and instead, you really need to get to the root of the problem. Don’t just cover up the problem areas with makeup. You need to get to the root of the problem and fix it. 

Another thing people tend to use this band-aid approach for is their mindset or their mental health. 


Stop using the terms “it’ll get better” or “things will get better.” It’s okay if the situation is bad, that just really means you need to, again, address the problem. If you don’t address these problems, they are only going to mount up more and more every day, and then what’s going to happen is a huge explosion. Either you’re going to get really upset at somebody or your mental health is going to suffer. You’ve got to take care of it, if you need to find somebody to talk to then find someone to talk to; find a professional that can help you. 

Your health is definitely related to your mindset, and your mental health can even have an impact on your skin. Stress can cause breakouts, both of these things are connected. They are not just separate entities that work separately, absolutely not. We are an entire system that works together, and that’s why we have to take care of it as soon as possible.

If we don’t, things are going to start breaking down and the band-aid is going to no longer cover it and it will fade away. Sometimes it’s too hard to fix it once you get to that point and then you’ve spent so long when you could have just taken those small little steps starting today to get to that point. 

Get Rid of the Band-Aid Approach


So, if you need to, please reach out to me, I would love to help you guys. I have a healthy living group that can help you, we give one another a lot of advice that can really be life-changing. I could definitely address a lot of these issues if you want to tell me what you are dealing with. Let me know how I can help you rip that band-aid off and fix the problem, get to the root of it, and heal whatever is ailing you. My name is Amy Gill, your pharmacist that cares.

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