when it comes to your health

When it comes to your health what scares you more? I’m going to start with this question and I want you all to think about it. What scares you more, coming to see me at the pharmacy and getting a bag full of prescriptions? Or starting at your journey to healthy living today? Because coming to the pharmacy and getting a whole bag full of prescriptions, that’s scary stuff.

What does that mean? That means you are not making your health a priority and if you keep putting it off what’s going to happen? You’re going to end up at the doctor’s office and then you’re going to end up coming to the pharmacy to see me and nobody wants that.

So, why do people procrastinate? It can be a little scary because you don’t know where to even begin but it’s not that hard if you let me help you?

When It Comes To Your Health


Why don’t people think about their health? And what does that mean if we don’t take care of ourselves? What if you were not able to play with your kids and your grandkids. You’re not going to be able to get on and off the floor or play those games or go to the amusement parks or go on those vacations because you’re just not healthy enough to do those things.

So procrastination is really not the choice for any of us because we never know how much time we have and the longer we keep putting these things off the worse we’re going to be because anything we do compounds with time so if we choose to eat healthily and we do this today and tomorrow and the next day and the next day what’s going to happen a month from now that’s going to be your new habit is when you go you’re going to shop the perimeter of the store you’re going to shop for those fresh fruits and vegetables that aren’t going to last long in your house because that’s what you want if you buy things that have long expirations what happens it’s full of preservatives your body cannot process that and that is not good for you.

So, you’ve got to make those decisions to start today because to me making those choices is a much better option the scarier option not being around in five years or being on a whole bunch of medication in five years and not being in good health so you must start today

What Do You Allow In Your Products?

Here in the US, the things that are not allowed are used in the products. Those are toxic ingredients but we allow them every day, we put them in our bodies and on our bodies. We let our skin absorb all those toxic things that are not good for our health.

The longer we keep doing it, what’s going to happen? a lot of bad things of course. Illnesses can come from those things, skin issues, and even aging a little bit quicker. It’s important we pay attention to what we are putting on our skin.

No matter if it’s something we ingest or if it’s something we’re using, all those things are going to be absorbed into your body. We really need to take a good look at what’s in the products we are using.

Choose Healthy For Yourself and Your Family

when it comes to your health

Just a few things that you do want to look for. When you’re looking at those ingredients, especially in products you use every day on your hands and your skin. Those items in the shower, all those things we’re talking about, things that are full of mineral oil. All of that does actually dry out your skin, it’s going to put this layer on there. It’s not going to let anything good be allowed in. It’s not going to allow that bad stuff out that we’ve been exposed to all day.

So it’s so important that we choose wisely so those things should definitely scare you. Flip those labels over, whether you’re buying products to use around the house or whether you’re buying products to eat, please flip those labels over on those packages and see what you are actually doing. It can really be scary so it is time that you take that first step.

It’s just like every morning, you have to get up and say I am going to be healthy today and I am going to eat healthy today. I am going to work out today and put my health for myself and my family.

I know it is tough to work out it’s tough to maybe make that time right it’s easy to say oh I don’t have time to do that today I don’t know I’d rather do this than you need to find an accountability partner it is so important to have somebody that’s going to hold you accountable to work out. So, it’s time to stop procrastinating when it comes to our health yes, I know you’re thinking fine I’ll start tomorrow but there’s no reason to start tomorrow.

I have a healthy living group on Facebook. We’re always doing 14-day challenge’s and they are always exciting. If you want information on that I am going to be posting that within my healthy living group. This is a place where I will post fun healthy recipes. People will find things that are really healthy and tasty options.

So this is really a place where you guys can get a wealth of information and feel free to ask a lot of questions because that’s kind of my favorite part as a pharmacist I love when people ask questions and I love to educate them and point them in the right direction to be healthy and happy.

The Amy Gill is your pharmacist that cares. Contact me here.

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