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Today, we will learn about the hour of power. What exactly does it mean when we say an hour of power? Let’s think about scheduling your health just like you schedule your appointments. New concept? Maybe. But listen, if you, seriously, put it on your calendar, put it in your phone on your calendar, set aside time, whether it’s 30 minutes, preferably an hour, where you will find that time each day or at least four to five times a week that you schedule your time to exercise. Now, you don’t just have to exercise during your hour of power.

What else should you be doing? It would help if you were meal prepping. It would be best if you were thinking about those healthy choices and maybe grocery shopping for those healthy things, going down to your tower garden, and harvesting off of that for your restorative options. Still, those are something you need to do, and that’s why I say schedule an hour because you want to have that time to exercise, but you need to have the time for the rest of your health and not just meal prepping. 

Our Mental Health and Our Mindset

When we talk about our health, we talk about our mental health and our mindset. So, during that hour of power, you know what else you could do? You could read. Think about if you could knock out a chapter or ten pages every day what that would do for you with your personal development and mindset. That could be huge. We take the time to schedule all kinds of appointments. We prepare the kids.

They have their schedule for their sporting events. They have their schedule for their school events, their school place, all those kinds of things are on our calendar, but why don’t we find that time to schedule and take time for our health? Because if you don’t, guess what else you’re going to be planning? You’re going to be scheduling those doctor visits. Right?

You’re going to be coming to see me at the pharmacy, and nobody wants to do that. Or things could even get worse, and you could land up very sick and possibly even in the hospital. If you don’t take care if you just let these things keep happening and happening, and we don’t schedule for that, right? We don’t plan for that. But if you don’t start taking care of your health today, what’s going to happen? The unexpected, right? You have to prepare for impact.

Find Time to Work Out


If your body is prepared, you have taken care of it, guess what? You are going to be ready for that impact when it happens. So, during this hour of power, as I said, find your time to work out. If you want to go to the gym, great, but you don’t have to do that. You can do so many exercises right at home and not waste time driving to the gym. And destroy the money on a gym membership that you might not use. Instead of doing that, I would suggest finding somebody to work out with. Whether it’s a trainer like I use or if you want to find an accountability partner, you can do this together. That is key.

Spend a few dollars. Get some free weights. That helps a lot. Do pushups. Do setups. Jumping jacks. Planks. All those kinds of things you can do. Suppose you have an exercise bike. Awesome. Do that. But do for at least 30 minutes, and you’ve got to schedule that time. 

Find Someone who Keeps You Accountable


There are many things you can do, but the key is finding someone to hold you accountable because without it, guess what? Even if it’s on your schedule, how long do you think you’re going to keep doing it? It’s tough. It is, indeed, tough to do that. If you don’t have somebody helping hold you accountable but during this time, also, as I said, meal prep.

Think about what you’re going to do for those healthy choices because if you don’t take that time to meal prep, what’s going to happen when it’s time or time to get lunches ready for the kids. You’re going to grab whatever you can find. You’re going to go through a fast-food restaurant, and you’re going to pick unhealthy choices. Most people find it a lot easier to unwrap candy ware than to wash, peel, cut a piece of fruit. 

So, that is something that you have to plan for. If you do that every day during your hour of power, think about what you could do. Pretty amazing things, and really, we must work on our mindset because all these things can’t come together without that. We have to find that time because so many of us are running, to run, running, with the holidays. So, what does that rushing, rushing, rushing do? It causes all this stress for them, but if they had planned a little bit better, they wouldn’t have had this happen. And you might say, Amy, I am too busy to find an hour a day or a half an hour a day to plan for this.

Well, guess what?

Are you too busy to get sick too? Because that’s precisely what’s going to happen if you don’t make that time, and I guarantee, if you look at what you do all day long, we could all find that time. Maybe it’s getting up half an hour earlier.

Is it easy to do? No. It is not. Especially when it’s cold, it’s dark; the alarm goes off, you’re like, ugh, it’s five o’clock or 430 or whatever time you’re going to get up. You’re like, oh, just a few minutes. But what happens if you hit snooze a few more minutes? You’re losing all that potential that you could be doing all these fantastic things. We waste so much time throughout the day. 

How to Make Most of Your Day


So, it’s time to figure out how to make the most of our day when it comes to your hour of power. Now, one thing you can do if you don’t want to sit down and read your ten pages of your chapter day, when you’re driving back and forth, getting the kids from school, going to work, moving to another appointment, get audible. You can listen to it in the car. You could knock out a whole book probably in a couple of days. At least as much as I drive.

Because it is, that’s away, that’s still a time-saver, but you’re still working on your personal development, and you’re still working on your mindset. So, we all have the time because you know what? Busy people, find a way to get it done, and I know all of you can do that because it just takes a little planning and a little preparation. It’s those daily habits that we do. 

Find Good Daily Habits


So, we need to find those good daily habits that will compound over time and think about what can happen. It is it’s easy to get enough bad habits, it’s easier like I said to run through a drive-thru than to think about preparing something healthy, but I want them to see that we can do this, we can do this together, and by doing just those little things over and over and over, look what’s going to happen. It’s like getting up and making your bed in the morning. Is it kind of a tedious job? Yeah, it is. But you know what? If you don’t, you don’t feel ready for your day. 

So, you get up, and you do that every morning. Just like you’re going to brush your teeth every morning. You’re going to skip doing that, so if you’re not going to brush your teeth and worry about your oral health. Why will you miss the remainder of you of the health you need to work on? There’s absolutely no reason. So, we need to find the time to do it. We’re currently in the middle of a 14-day challenge and having so much fun, and I think the biggest takeaway that I’m getting from this is people talking about accountability and how they love that. We all have those struggles. But we’re all doing this together. Nobody is perfect.

Do I love pizza? Absolutely. Do I love pasta? Absolutely. But it has it in moderation and not having it every day. And that’s exactly what we talk about during this challenge: how to live a healthy lifestyle. So you’re not finding time to see me in my white coat at the pharmacy. Again, nobody wants to do that. My name is Amy Gill, your pharmacist that cares.

Let me know in the comments, do you have your hour of power and schedule your health?

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