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Today, we will learn about getting healthier for the holidays. As we talk about all the time, healthy living is a journey. This is not a sprint; it is absolutely a marathon. We have to do this every day; we have to work on our health. If you are doing something to get healthier, it has to be something that you can stay consistent with.

If we do a challenge, and it is that you can’t have this and you can’t have that, and you can’t have this, what’s going to be on your mind the whole time? Man, I want that. If I tell you that you can’t have any alcohol, you’ll want a glass of wine. If I tell you that you can’t have any sweets or any dessert at all, that’s all you’re going to focus on. The day after the challenge is the first thing you’re going to go for, and that is not going to be a successful challenge because you’re just undoing everything you just did. 

Healthier for the Holidays


This is so supposed to be something that you can live with. If you usually have a glass of wine with dinner or on the weekend, I want you to do that still because this is supposed to be a healthy lifestyle. It’s replacing some of those things and teaching moderation. You don’t have to take anything away from yourself because that is all you will focus on. So, yes, this challenge is slightly different from most, but again, it was the accountability. We had people posting, “I like pasta. I want some pasta,” and I was like, I know, the struggle is real. Who doesn’t love pasta? Or pizza, right? But have less of it. 

We had somebody who said they would eat a smaller portion of the pasta and a giant salad, which was a massive win for them. That’s great because you still got what you like, but you did it sensibly. We want to teach you how to do these things, so you don’t have to think about it, it’s just part of your daily life, and when it comes to exercise, I think that was a fun part that we did.

Hit The Gym


Going to the gym isn’t always convenient, and it’s easy to pay for that gym membership and never show up. You don’t even realize it’s getting taken out of your checking account or that it’s getting taken out of your credit card every month, and you just forget about it. 

I want to talk to people about ways to work out at home, even with nothing. Suppose you have some free weights, great. We’ve all kind of posted the fun things we like to do to work out. Holding each other accountable, however, is what is very important. I had one of my friends, she’s like, “oh, you know, I reorganized my basement. I was up and down the ladder.” That is still exercising. Maybe it’s not lifting weights or going to the gym, but it’s still exercising. It doesn’t have to be your traditional exercise, but it’s talking about and finding fun things we can do to exercise that we need to do more often.

Now, I would usually schedule my trainer in the afternoon to jump on Zoom and do my workout, but what happened? It’s the holidays; there’s so much going on. I would message, “when can we maybe change this a little bit?” I would try to find an excuse for not working out, and I decided that wasn’t going to help me because if I don’t be consistent with this, what will happen? I’m going to quit working out altogether and start sliding backward. If you guys saw my post, yes, I worked out at 4:30 in the morning.

Is this for everybody? Probably not. I didn’t think it was for me either. I thought, okay, fine, I’m going to try this for one day. My alarm was set for 4:15 and I slept in my workout clothes. I was ready to roll out of bed and start working out, and I loved it. When I finished my workout, I felt like I had so much of the day and felt like I had so much energy. I’ve already scheduled four times for 4:30 in the morning this week. Do you think it’s crazy? Try it. Please, don’t knock it until you try it because I thought the same thing.

Is Exercise All it Takes?


What else do we do during the challenge? I will post some healthy recipes that people can male, and they’re not hard. When it comes to being healthier for the holidays, you want to be conscious of what will be served at that dinner table.  It’s not going to be crazy weird stuff that you can’t find at the regular grocery store because to me, there is nothing worse than when you’ve got these fantastic recipes, the picture looks beautiful, and there are weird ingredients.

You have no idea what grocery store you got to find this stuff or where you have to order from. I don’t want that; I want things to be easy for you., things that your family is going to enjoy. If you do it together, you don’t want to cook two or three different meals. That’s not going to be any fun for you. It’s just more work, but if you involve everybody and realize how good these things can taste, that’s what they’re going to want, and honestly, the more you eat healthier, the less you want those sweet things. Yes, I still like chocolate and ice cream and all those good desserts as well, but I don’t want them as much because your body’s taste changes. You crave healthy things, and they start tasting better for you. 

Those are other fun things that we do. I have people post recipes of things that they make, pictures of the food they’re eating. I love that because that is huge. Besides the accountability, of course, we had some other big wins during this challenge. I had one of my ladies, and she lost six pounds, and that was quite a bit in two weeks. I’m not going to lie; that was quite a bit. What she did was give up soda, and there are a lot of calories in most sodas. I had people tweaking and doing different things.

I’m sure you guys have heard of people that intermittent fast. Well, Anna decided she would do the challenge a little bit differently. She goes, “can I do it this way?” I said sure because people do that, the intermittent fast. She did it entirely. Differently, she didn’t have her shake for breakfast. She had her shakes for lunchtime, and a little bit later than that, and then a healthy dinner, and it worked great for her, and she enjoyed the convenience of it.

You can tweak those little things and make them a little bit easier for your lifestyle. That’s what you want. I want people to do something that they can truly live with because I think that is huge. My friend, Manny Rodriguez, looks at how his belt fits and what notch he’s going to click it on, and I think that is a fun thing to do because it’s not so much jumping on the scale and seeing how those numbers are changing. I mean, yes, that’s great, but the more you’re working out, the difference is going to change because of your muscle tone as well.

It’s just my goal is to keep you away from the pharmacy. I was hoping you could find those healthier options and not come to me at the pharmacy and get loaded up with a bag full of prescriptions because that is not the way you want to live your life. You want to be full of energy, and you do not want to waste money coming and seeing me there.

There you have it, how to be healthier for the holidays. Hope you enjoyed this blog post!

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