Today, we will discuss something extremely important. Do you pay attention to your gaslight? I know you guys might be thinking, “really? Is this is what we’re are going to talk about?” Just hold on. We are going to tie it all together. Today, on my way home, what happened is my gas light turned on. The problem with it, though, is that is we tend to ignore these things. When my gas light turns on, I have about 110 miles left, so I could go pretty far before I’m going to run out of gas, but what should I do?

Never Let the Gaslight Turn On

Number one, I should never let it turn on, especially as cold as it’s getting now. Why am I talking about your gas light? Because your gas light is just like your health. If you don’t pay attention to your health and all of these warning signs are going off, your gas light’s turning on, and yet you keep ignoring what’s going to happen to you.

You will probably be coming to see me at the pharmacy to get a whole bag full of medication after you go to the doctor’s office and hope that these warning signs that were going off don’t land you in the hospital.

Still, you know these things are all possible, that’s why we have to take care of our health, and that’s why we have to pay attention to our bodies, just like you’re going to pay attention to how much gas you have in your tank. You’ve got to pay attention to your gas light and what you are doing for your daily living and health. This is not something that you can just ignore.

Start Today

You have to start today because if you start today, think about where you will be tomorrow. You’re going to be a lot further on, and things will start getting better, but if you keep putting off your exercise, nutrition, and stress, you know good, and well, the outcome will not be what you want it to be. We all know that, but what happens is that we tend to take care of everything else and put ourselves last.

I am guilty of this. I try to make sure everything else is in order, and then if there’s time left, I’ll do my things, but you have to take time for your health. All it takes is committing and holding yourself accountable; find someone to hold you responsible if you start today, I talk about this all the time, but you cannot do these things alone; it just is not possible.

Allow Time to Exercise

Besides taking a good evaluation of your stress level, what else are we going to do? You need to find at least 10 to 15 minutes every day for some exercise. I know it’s getting colder. It is not like bundling up and going out and running, even if it’s hot. I’m not usually going out and running too much, but I will find things that I can do to keep exercising.

I have a trainer for a reason because I need somebody to hold me accountable. We meet on zoom, and that’s how I work out because I need to show up on this day four to five days a week to keep up on my health and wellness. These are things you guys can do at home. If you want an exercise routine, I’m happy to help make one that can work for you because so many people need modifications. I haven’t done a challenge for a while, so I think it’s about time to do another exercise challenge.

What do you need to do? Maybe you need some tremendous free weights. Those are good to have around the house for exercise, but even if you don’t have those, you can do so many other things. Jumping jacks require nothing but a bit of room on the floor.

You don’t have to have that equipment, and it’s okay to have a gym membership, but it’s probably not the best idea if you don’t have somebody to go to the gym with. Why? People just ignore that money coming out of their account every month, but if they have somebody waiting for them at the gym, whether it’s a trainer or a workout partner, they are more likely to go and stick with it.

Don’t Hit Snooze, Get Up and Take Action


People say they’re busy, then get up a few minutes earlier; remember, don’t hit snooze set your alarm to get up just a little bit earlier, and do those exercises first thing in the morning because if you can knock it out boom, you’ve got a great day ahead of you right, so that is going to be one of those critical things to not letting the gas light turn on not letting those warning signs turn on if you are doing that daily exercise.

You’ve got to think about what you fuel your body with if you’re exercising more. You’ve never done this kind of thing; please be mindfully unwrapping a candy bar is not good fuel for your workout. It is not good fuel for after your workout, so those are essential things you have to think about when you are doing it. Essential, good clean nutrition is so important. If you want some guidance, please reach out to me. I love doing that; we’re actually in the middle of a 14-day challenge right now.

Hold Each Other Accountable


That’s precisely what we’re doing within my healthy living group. We are helping each other hold each other accountable we’re giving ideas and things we are doing things that are working and not working why because we all need what we want to do something that people can do every day you cannot sustain a quote diet those things, yeah they might work for a week or two if that but it has to be something you can do every day. You have to incorporate healthy living into your everyday life.

That is why it is a journey; this is not sprinting. This is an absolute marathon that we are in. We have to take it chunk by chunk because otherwise, what will happen? You’re going to give up, and then you’re never going to want to start again. After all, it is so hard to get re-started once you have fallen off. That’s why we have to do those things, or again you’re going to go to the doctor’s office, and then your next stop is coming to the pharmacy to see Amy.

Be Mindful

So we have to be mindful about those warning signs when our body starts telling us things if, let’s say, you’re doing a particular exercise. Your knee is hurting, or you’ve twisted this or done this your hips hurting, you have to make modifications don’t just keep pushing through because what’s going to happen you can spoil yourself even worse and again, that’s that gaslight or those warning lights going off saying hold on Amy think what you’re doing you might have to change it up a little bit. So there are things that need modifications if you want some help with that I have somebody that I can reach out to, and we can get you some information on that as well to help expand what you can eat and stay away from those things that are causing you issues as well.

Take Care of Your Mental Health

It is so vital that we listen to our bodies don’t put off our mindset your mental health those things are so important. Don’t just keep pushing through, you’ve got to get to the root of the problem and work through that because if you just keep going, what’s going to happen one day is that you really are going to run out of gas. Everybody around you won’t know know how to function because you’re the person that keeps doing all these things; you have to find that time to take care of yourself surround yourself with people that are positive, people that are like-minded people and people that want to help you. That is key to how successful people are as successful as they are because they surround themselves with successful people.

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