Lost Motivation

Today, we will learn how to overcome lost motivation. Maybe it’s your routine, or it’s just that you don’t have the motivation to move forward or even figure out where to go anymore. The first thing we need to look at when talking about lost motivation is identifying the problems.

Identifying the Problem and Overcome Lost Motivation


What is causing this lack of motivation? Do you feel overwhelmed that you have so much going on? Let’s say it’s summertime you are out of your routine, the kids might be home from school, and things are just out of sorts. You’ve got some vacations planned, and you are just pulled in all different directions and you don’t know what to do. That happens a lot to all of us, but the most important and first thing to figure out is what the problem is, and then we need to figure out how to look for a solution.

Look for a Solution


First, we identified the problem, so now we’ve got to look for a solution. There’s always a place that I can talk to you guys at, if I’m going to sit outside right I could always find somewhere to do it. Look for a solution, it can be as simple like learning something new about yourself. Also, ask for help, that is something that we all need to do. We can’t do it all on our own. Now, the next thing that we need to talk about is mindset.

Get The Right Mindset, Be Positive


You have to get the right mindset, which is to be positive. If you are struggling to overcome lost motivation, it is very likely that your mindset is negative and is not where it needs to be. You’re not going to be focused on what you want and what you have always done before so you’ve got to change it up. You have to find what is holding you back and why that mindset is not where it usually is, so always try to be positive.

Find an Accountability Partner


The next thing that can help is an accountability partner. Find that person that you can work with, somebody you love and trust. Even just a quick message like, “hey. I just got my workout in” will let them know that you did what you set out to do, and they will appreciate you for it and try to help you if you need them to. They will also help with our next topic, which is goal setting.

Set Your Goals


We need to learn about making and having goals. Have those goals set, because they are the only thing that is pushing you to get there and help with the lost motivation you are missing a lot of the time. If you can have a goal in mind and you keep it set, you want a “why” that makes you cry, why do we want a “why” that makes us cry? Maybe not literally cry, but we have a reason that we want to do this. If we have those goals that are so important to us, whether it’s staying healthy, getting healthy, continuing on that healthy lifestyle journey, there are so many reasons why and again to be happy. You have to be healthy. That is a huge goal, but you find that “why” that makes you cry.

Stay Focused and Overcome Lost Motivation


You have to stay focused on those goals that you set for yourself, stay focused on your “why” because that’s why you set out for this, and if you follow these steps, you will overcome lost motivation. It will be gone. Write your goals down, look at them because they have to be present. You have to talk about them again and again. That’s why the accountability partner is essential: tell them what your goals are, they’ll let you know what their goals are.

So if you’re saying to yourself, “I could use help staying focused” or “I could use help with setting my goals or identifying what my problem is” and are trying to figure out how to deal with this lack of motivation, reach out to me I would love to help you I would love to be your accountability partner. You can jump on my website www.theamygill.com, and you can set up a consultation with me, and we can chat, and I can be that accountability partner to help you find that motivation again, to reach those goals, and to help you focus on your “why.”

How you do anything is how you do everything. How do you present yourself? Are you the one that’s focused and ready to go? That is how you’re going to do everything in your entire life, and that is how people are going to see you. Let me help you become focused and hit those healthy living goals and overcome lost motivation.

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