Vegan Alternatives

Today, we will learn about vegan options, and I am curious if you have ever tried some of these. I will give you guys some information about why you want to consider using some vegan alternatives. Not all the time. I’m not saying you have to go 100% vegan, but just enough to make an impact.

Here’s some shocking information that you may not realize. It takes 8 calories to feed a cow for every calorie we get out. That’s a lot, and that’s a huge difference. These cows take a lot of resources to feed, and they consume about 1900 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef, 1900 gallons. I think that fills up 40 bathtubs or something. I mean, that’s a lot, that is a lot of water.

Small Changes

Think of the difference in what we could do just by making those small changes. A plant-based diet, of course, is more efficient because plants need the sun. Yes, they do need a little bit of water, but they’re going to be 1900 gallons of water to produce.

If you’re saying, “Amy, I like my stuff. I like my steak. I like my roast. I like my hamburgers,” then that’s fine. However, can you make those minor changes just once in a while? If you could start, there are so many things out there you could love if you would just give it a try. How can you say you don’t like it if you have never tried it? I highly recommend giving that a shot?

Here are a few more statistics to lighten it up a little. Corporations are burning down so many acres of the Amazon rainforest. To clear room for what? Livestock, and so far, 20% of the Amazon is gone, just so these animals can graze. What are we doing to our climate? What are we doing to the world?

It is just crazy. So greenhouse gases are increased by this livestock, and it’s from the methane they are giving off. That whole industry, the livestock industry, actually accounts for more greenhouse emissions than all the cars, planes, trains, and ships in the world combined.

Think about that, just from what people want to eat; we are causing more harm to the environment than driving around, flying, going on a cruise, or any of those kinds of things. That is a very, very scary thought.

Plant-Based Diet – Vegan Alternatives

Now, the plant-based diet; it’s still not 100% healthy, right? But you’re still going to get saturated fat. You’re going to get it because of the coconut oil or whatever you use. So yes, you’re still going to get the best you can eat; tons and tons and tons of it like you wouldn’t know.

Athletes Do Plant-Based Diets

Now, even high-performance athletes are doing plant-based diets. Why? Because it reduces inflammation by almost 30% in just three weeks. If it’s good enough for the players in the NBA, why can’t we give this a shot and see how this can work for us?

This is a challenge for you to try; please, you will significantly impact the environment by making those little changes. I know this is a little different of a topic than I usually discuss, but I’m still talking about your health.

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