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#1 Boost Your Immune System – Set Your Diet

The first way to boost your immune system is to have a fresh fruit and vegetable diet. You don’t want to eat those processed things because of all the preservatives present in there. Your body cannot break them down, and there’s a reason they have an extended expiration date on them. It’s not suitable for your immune system at all, so when you go to the grocery store, shop the store’s perimeter. Look for those fresh fruits and vegetables that aren’t going to last but a couple of days in your house. They shouldn’t stay that long anyway because you should be eating them.

No preservatives, only fresh fruits, and vegetables; let your system eat the things they’re supposed to and break down the things they’re supposed to, no preservatives and all these artificial things. That is the number one tip.

#2 Boost Your Immune System – Exercise Regularly

The second tip is exercise, and it doesn’t mean just once in a great while; it means exercise regularly. It doesn’t mean that you have to spend an hour or two at the gym; well, okay, that’s great if you have time for an hour at the gym, by all means, do it. If you can’t, you can do little at-home exercises tips are available in my healthy living group. These are things that you can do at home with or without weights. Just with a bit of space on the floor, it’s the second week of throwing these things out there for people to see. If you’re not in my healthy living group and see my post at about 5:30 AM every morning lately let me know. I can pop you in there, and you guys can see some easy things you can do at home for exercise. If you do it regularly and consistently every day, what happens? We get better, and getting healthier helps your immune system be robust.

#3 Boost Your Immune System – Avoid Excessive Alcohol

The next thing I want to talk about is alcohol. I am not saying you have to cut out all alcohol, but if you wish to have your glass of wine, your beer, your glass of champagne, that’s awesome. You can have it, but in moderation, because we all know too much is not suitable for you at all. You can still have those things and still live your life, just in moderation, and that’s the way with everything, even with eating healthy. I’m not saying don’t have a dessert, don’t have ice cream once in a while, don’t have that cookie. It’s okay, but please don’t have an entire pint of ice cream or a dozen warm cookies that came out of the oven. Everything in moderation always works. ,

#4 Boost Your Immune System – Maintain a Healthy Weight

Up next, the thing that will tie everything together, is my fourth topic. I’m going to talk about a healthy weight; if you are eating fresh fruits and vegetables, you are exercising regularly. You have alcohol only in moderation; what’s going to happen to your weight is good things, and that’s precisely what we want. You need to take care of your body because your healthy weight affects your joints. It’s going to affect your immune system as well too.

#5 Boost Your Immune System – Get Adequate Sleep

In order for all these things to happen, especially number four, we need to have adequate sleep. If we don’t give our body time to rest, I’m talking about seven hours of sleep, but it depends on your age, you’re not going to have a healthy weight. You’re not going to have the energy to exercise. You’re surely not going to have the power to worry about those easy healthy meals; it’s going to be easier to run through the drive-thru right if you’re tired.

#6 Boost Your Immune System – Keep Your Hands and Face Clean

Another vital thing to our immune system is to keep your hands and face clean. We see this especially if you’re out and about anywhere; you’re going to see signs to wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. I know they teach the kids to sing the happy birthday song while they wash their hands, but it is so important to do that, and we all know that. Another thing besides washing your hands is to keep your hands off your face. You have those germs everywhere, so please frequently wash your hands; that’s going to help with your overall health tremendously.

#7 Boost Your Immune System – Minimize Your Stress

Another thing that we talk about all the time is minimizing stress because stress plays a huge factor in your immune system. One thing that I talk about is your gut health; we’ve got to have good gut health to maintain a sound immune system. We have to minimize stress as well, so don’t sweat the small things. There is no reason to stress over those things because the more you stress, the more everybody else in the house stresses, and it’s just it’s not a healthy way to live.

If you want to come to see me in the white coat, by all means, don’t pay attention to any of the stuff we just learned. If you want to stay away from the pharmacy, however, start taking these steps to do these little things because, over time, they will compound. Now, if you are ready to take charge of your health or you know someone else that is ready to take control of their health, please reach out to me. I love to partner with people who are ready to get on their healthy living journey.

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