Simple, yet important tips for your skin to age well.


1. Wash Your Face


Yes, this seems so simple but it is essential for your skin to age well. For every night you don’t wash your face, your skin ages 7 days. Your skin is exposed to numerous stressors all day long and it’s important to wash them off with a gentle cleanser.

2. Use Sunscreen


Sun ages the skin very quickly. Sunscreen is important not only to protect the skin against the signs of aging but also to protect from skin cancer. Make sure that all ages use sunscreen and reapply. That is the #1 reason people get sunburn. They remember to put it on at first but never reapply. Too much sun can cause the skin to appear leathery and dry.

3. Avoid Harsh Chemicals Such as Mineral Oil


Are you a label reader? Know what’s in your products. Inexpensive ingredients such as mineral oil and alcohol are among the first ingredients listed in so many products on the shelves here in the US. The regulations in the US differ greatly compared to Europe. The US bans approximately 20 harmful ingredients from all products. In Europe, over 1500 harmful ingredients are banned. Mineral oil acts as a barrier to the skin not allowing toxins to escape. Both alcohol and mineral oil significantly dry out the skin. Skin needs good hydration to age well.

4. Decrease Stress


We all know that signs of stress can quickly show up on your face. Crow’s feet, frown lines, and lines across the forehead are the most common. Stress can also bring on acne breakouts as it’s related to gut health as well.

5. Don’t Smoke


Smoking causes the blood vessels to narrow. Decreased blood flow decreases nutrient flow to the skin as well, therefore, enhancing the aging process. Nicotine also affects the immune system and can lead to numerous skin inflammatory issues.


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